Hey There! 

I'm Naima Carter Russell and I'm a Drama Mama...or at least I was until the reality of motherhood set it. Here in my little corner of the internet I want to express my desire to make room for my art, my struggles as I embrace this season of motherhood, and the things that are helping me along the way. I want to encourage those around me to reach for the stars, but feel perfectly comfortable relaxing amongst the clouds if the season of life calls for it. The idea for this blog was to create a space for actor moms and dads that would encourage them to keep up that actor hustle while raising babies. Guys, seriously.... if your kids are under 5 that is crazy bananas. If they are under 15 it's still SO STINKIN' HARD. So I'm not going to lie and say that I am seriously hustling, my kids are 2 and 4. Hustle?....I'm barely trotting most days. What I will say is I have tried to continue to pursue my dream, and I'm pretty sure I will try again. But here's the thing I've realized...I'm not just an actress I'm a CREATIVE. I love that title because it doesn't limit me when I can't be on stage or screen. I love to try new recipes and perfect the old, I am renovating a 1920's craftsman, I can knit, crochet and sew, and I'm enjoying this sweet season as a part time pre-k teacher at my local PMO. That means I have loads of pre-k crafts, tips and tricks at my fingertips. Yes, Creative, not just Actress suits me well. So if you don't see me on stage I'm probably at home doing one of the 70 million creative things I listed above, listening to an audiobook, or sipping coffee on my deck. 

Photo credit: chris Bartelski

Naima Carter Russell, Memphis, the musical, Aurora Theatre