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Hey There, Friend!

I'm so happy you're here! I look forward to getting to know you. My name is Naima (nigh-e-muh), I'm a wife, mother of 2 and for the last 12 years an actress. I'm just getting the memo that trying to be all 3 of these things at once is a recipe for crazy. Maybe you're an actor mom like me, maybe you're not. Maybe you're a musician or other artist, maybe a freelancer, or a mompreneur too..any mom with a non traditional work life will understand that the struggle to parent AND create is so real. Maybe like me you were passionately creating, working and sharing your unique God given talents with the world until the birth of your first child. Maybe like me, you're now struggling to figure out what to do with in this season of all consuming motherhood. Oh girl, there are so many questions, like:  How can you still create and share your talents? How does that even fit into this marathon called motherhood? Where do you even fit in with other moms because you're not really a SAHM or a WAHM you're something in between?  Oh there are so, so many questions.

In this space I hope you will find how I'm answering these questions for myself.  I'll share my life and the passions I'm pursuing in the meantime. Everything from beautifying my home, crafting to preserve my sanity, my part time hustle as a pre-k teacher and of course Atlanta's acting scene. 

Friends, I hope we can encourage each other on Instagram and Facebook.

See you there!

Naima Carter Russell