Why I'm a Drama Mama:

No I'm not the mama who brings the drama. In fact I don't have time for much of that, unless it's on the stage...or you eat the last Little Debbie snack cake. Me...I'm just your average: 


Hmmm...my background:
I graduated from FSU with a degree in creative writing (Go Noles!) then moved to Atlanta. 
5 years later I decided to ditch the 9-5 and follow my true passion of acting. After getting married in 2008 I rediscovered my love for the domestic arts including cooking and crafting, knitting & crocheting(yes, there is a difference), sewing, and hot-gluing anything that moves. In other words I got all "nesty" and stuff. 

When we purchased a 1920's craftsmen with a darling front porch my inner DIY diva came on strong. So in between painting and taking down walls I began hunting maniacally through thrift stores for one of a kind furniture pieces to repurpose and I found a treasure trove of books, toys, vintage clothing and everything in between. I love finding a good deal! (In fact I squeal with glee!)

When I got pregnant with my daughter, 2 years ago, I took a much needed hiatus from the "business" (the burn-out is real folks). Now that she's over one I am slowly wading back into the acting waters of Atlanta while still trying to maintain all the wonderful moving parts of motherhood. 

It's a juggle and sometimes a struggle but it's mine.  Can it be done? Who knows. Am I sleep deprived? Absolutely. Do I drink way too much coffee, for sure. Am I going to slow down.....not anytime soon. So let's hope my blog posts make sense!  

I love drooling over DIY, craft and decorating blogs, watching House Hunters on HGTV (actually anything on HGTV), cooking, reading, singing 80's tunes opera style, dancing around the house, eating croissants & cheese for breakfast and going for morning coffee in Grant Park. In my spare time...(spare time, hahaha!)when I'm not thrifting, blogging, acting, auditioning, rehearsing, reading, crafting, cooking baby food and renovating my first home I'm taking selfie's with my darling baby girl and binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix!

A little Drama Mama.com : 

This blog is all about my adventures in mommyhood, acting and the Atlanta acting scene, crafting with different mediums, my new life as a pre-k teacher in a co-op, and finding and repurposing great items in Atlanta's thrift stores, consignment stores, yard sales and beyond. These are just my experiences and my opinion, not the gospel truth. So stick around and I hope you enjoy.