Monday, December 11, 2017

Decking the Halls

We don't have many Christmas decorations in our halls. While the living room, the kitchen and even the bathroom gets bedazzled with something festive our hallway is a little...bah-humbug. 
Plus if you have a little person under 5 in your home, sticking that Lenox heirloom ornament on your live Christmas tree is just asking for heart"break" (pun intended). 
So what's a Mama to do? 
Say hello to the felt Christmas tree.

We keep this one in our hall, and they can decorate a tree to their hearts content. I usually pull the ornaments off after they go to bed and they are able "decorate" the tree every day.

The trees are super easy to make and cost about $10 +/- depending on what supplies you already have. You can usually find felt on sale at a craft store 4 sheets for $1,  grab some holiday stickers from the Dollar Tree, a glue gun and you are good to go. 
Here are 5 DIY tutorials for more inspiration:

"...But Drama Mama", you say, I'm soooo not the crafty type". Never fear Etsy is here! Here are a few Etsy stores that sell fully created felt tree kits. Yay! I hear you Mama, cuz you have more than enough to do this holiday season.


Happy Crafting!

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