Tuesday, April 19, 2016

29 Weeks: Turn Down For What?

 Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I'm not Irish but I liked to be kissed anyway!!!

St. Patty's day I scarfed down some green cupcakes with my Pre-K babies and then I trekked up to my OBGYN for the 2nd trimester appointment I had been dreading, the Glucose Test. They make you drink this super sugary drink and then wait an hour before testing your blood.

Honestly I must have had a different flavor with my first pregnancy because it wasn't as nasty as I remember. Sitting still for an hour after being doped up on sugar was a challenge but I survived by taking silly pictures and playing Farm Heroes Saga.

So Drama Mama, Where's the Drama?
This week was tough. I was asked to audition for Hamilton the musicals upcoming tour and future replacements on Broadway (If you don't know what that is smack yourself) and while the start dates are months and months away I am now in no position to audition for a musical. During the dance call I would give belly dancing a whole new meaning. So after politely declining with my agency, dumb me I actually started to count the number of auditions I've had to turn down since the pregnancy. Ummm, yeah, not smart. Why do we do things like that to ourselves. I'm pregnant and hormonal I don't need a real reason to cry. I could have pushed and possibly booked something but why kill myself? As some very wise older actors have said, the business will be there, your babies are only small for a short season.

Turn down for what?...Because I'm Pregnant...and that's okay. 

How are you feeling?
So remember last week when I talked about being a gestating goddess....yeah that didn't last long. Enter that demon known as Daylights Savings Time. Poor Pud and I don't know whether to sleep, wake up, or cry about being tired.