Thursday, February 18, 2016

23-24 Weeks: Namas'tay on the Couch....

Trying hard not to fall behind on my posting but life seems to be whizzing along at a dizzying pace. February is half over and I'm drowning in a decluttering project to make room for the new baby. I did manage to snap these two pics though. 

What's going on? My husband and I were alternates for a mock trial/lawyer training gig last week. That just means companies or universities hire actors to act as defendants, witnesses, plaintiffs, or officers in a pretend case, for skill practice or demonstration. The weather was horrible so one of the men didn't show and my husband was put in his place. I wasn't needed and spent 3 hours trying to find the coffee shop in this enormous 20 story law firm. All in all a pretty easy gig, the hardest part was finding something business like to fit over my bump, and walking from the parking deck with tender feet and heels. 

So Drama Mama, where's the drama? So the lawyer gig....yeah....THAT is the extent of my acting career right now. Snooze city! It burns me up that acting is one of a hand full of careers, next to skydiving instructor and crash test dummy that is instantly put on hold due to pregnancy. Sure, there are a few exceptions, I love the old episodes of Frasier, where Daphne is said to "over-eat" and has to be sent away to fat-camp as a way to cover up her real life pregnancy. There are a few of my friends that have managed to camouflage their bumps on camera or hide under period costumes...but it is rare. Usually the standard is, you get pregnant and you find an interim job, waiting patiently until  they've delivered and feel presentably enough to put themselves back on the market for gigs. "Smart" people accept that their career is indefinitely put on hold/over, they are in another phase of life, and they move on. Bow out gracefully.

25 weeks and attending my 2nd prenatal yoga class. 

How are you feeling? After a glorious breakfast last weekend at Kafeino, a little Greek restaurant in College Park (I highly recommend) I felt that burst of energy and neurotic decluttering tendencies that can only be described as nesting. I attacked the office/craft room which was bursting at the seams with boxes of yard sale items, infant clothes and gear waiting to be put away for Little Beans arrival, and sadly craft projects that I will probably not get to for years to come. Bending, lifting, shoving, seeing my collection of 50+ crafting books lined up on freshly cleaned white Ikea shelves gave me a buzz. That buzz, turned into a whirr, the whirr turned into shortness of breath, headache and dizziness and before I knew it I was panting and hovering over the couch. I thought for the first time in my life I was going to faint. My feet up, Tylenol and water in hand I was couch bound for the rest of the day. Not an easy feat with 1 year old. 

Dr's Appointment: "It was a drop in blood sugar", my Dr. said after I described the episode at my next appointment. I needed to eat more protein, drink more water, and have more small frequent meals. It just came on so suddenly...I was feeling so didn't happen with my first? Questions, comments, all unsaid. Pregnancy is like that, you're up one minute and down the next. 

I have to admit that I have slacked off in the healthy eating department though, hell I've slacked off in the eating department period. Any mother of a small child knows that sitting down for a well-balanced meal is a luxury. Knowing this does not stop my Mommy guilt from kicking into high gear when I think about all the french fries I've consumed and the prenatal vitamins I have not lately. Then I look over at my daughter sitting happily in her highchair eating hummus and chips, baked sweet potatoes and sliced apples and think maybe I'm not such a horrible human being after all, I mean...she's still alive right? 

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