Sunday, January 31, 2016

22 Weeks: Drama Mama Sees Snow

What's going on? Snowpocalypse 2016 has come and gone. While Winter Storm Jonas was terrifying for much of the east coast, Atlanta only got a dusting. I thought we wouldn't see anything but sure enough I woke up Saturday morning and it was a perfect snow day. I dressed Pud' quickly and we ran outside before it could stop. She was in such shock she just stood there with her little hands held out trying to catch the "no"...she just couldn't make sense of what was happening. After that, I spent the rest of the morning sitting on the couch staring out the window with a hot cup of tea, basking in how calm and meditative watching the swirling white flakes can be. 

Pregnancy Update: Blah, blah! The hubster attended the 30A songwriters festival in Florida and brought home really pretty bracelets for us girls AND a cold. 3 days later Pud' had the cold and still hasn't shaken it. I thought I would escape but bam, here I am with sinus cold #2. I'm usually one and done for the winter season but I know that I'm not resting as much as I should. I'm nesting hard, and Pud' is exerting her, "ahem" independence. We've learned new words like "no" and "mine" and my favorite "my turn, my turn". Pregnancy colds are so frustrating. While my husband guzzled a bottle of Nyquil and slept off the worst of his cold, I'm battling my bug with home remedies, teas, and clutching the humidifier. Effective but takes much longer. 
So Drama Mama where's the drama? Eeeeek! So excited I finally found one of these in the store. Friends have been texting Snicker bar sightings but I have not put my hands on one of these babies until a few days ago. How cool is this?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

20 & 21 weeks: Reaching the 1/2 way point.

Oh hey, by the way this Drama Mama is pregnant. I know, I know I haven't been sending out regular updates (I'll smack my hand for you). Seriously though, it has taken A LOT to wrap my mind around this pregnancy. I need to write a post on accepting the unexpected pregnancy. There is a ton out there on that subject for a young unwed mother but not much for a married woman who was truly okay with being 1 and done. I can honestly say I'm just getting to the point of acceptance 20 weeks later. Somewhere between my third ultrasound and TJ Maxx where I was supposed to be shopping for a new laundry hamper and instead spied matching baby outfits I had the epiphany that having two girls could be somewhat cool....

So here's what's been going on....

Baby Movement: Little feet are kicking up a storm. From last week...when I kept wondering if I had gas or it was Little bean kicking to this week is a huge difference. She is obviously kicking my bladder when it gets too big and she is obviously going to be a tap dancer. I feel her little flutter kicks, especially in the morning, and as of yesterday I saw my belly move for the first time.

Dr's Appointments: Yesterday was my last ultrasound and trip to the perinatal specialists (God willing). At my "advanced maternal age" I'm having to make extra trips to the specialists because of my increased risks of birth defects. I was super tired from teaching that morning and really wanted to skip the appointment but it was totally worth it to get this shot of Little Bean's foot. How precious is that thing?

What's up with me: Our music teacher was sick at the PMO( parents morning out program) I teach at. So instead of canceling music class entirely the administrator asked me if I would teach class. Say, what? Cough, scramble, think of something fast. I ended up playing Pud's favorite Youtube songs and dancing with all three classes for an hour. Needless to say I was exhausted and my pelvis was none to happy. I on the other hand loved it. There has got to be away for me to get paid to act completely silly, sing and dance with a bunch of kids!

So Drama Mama where's the drama? Well, I've got a project in the works but that is not for sometime now. I hate not working but knowing that I have something on the horizon comforts me and lets me know that the stage isn't through with me yet. To everything there is a season....