Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nablopomo: Day 8 or The Unthanked!

I missed yesterday in my Nablopomo challenge. My computer was on the fritz yesterday and I honestly didn't have the energy to twist and bend it to my will so I gave up. I had to pick up my daughter from my parents, a 40 minute drive, and then I squeezed in some much needed shopping with a busy toddler.

Last Monday I won a Suzi Bass Award, an award for excellence in Atlanta professional theater, for Best Lead Actress in a Musical. There were so many people I wanted to thank but I was short on time, nervous and unprepared. Friday, I shared the list of people I actually thanked so here is the list of people I did not thank during my acceptance speech.

If you are following me on Facebook you know I've already posted 
something similar to this...okay so this exact statement. 
Hey, it's Sunday morning I haven't had any coffee, my husband ,who's rehearsing for A Christmas Carol,
is singing the baritone part of "Angels We Have Heard on High" quite loudly and 
my 1 year old is screaming bloody murder in my ear.
So....yeah...creativity is short today. 

Artist, George E. Miller

MY VILLAGE: for watching, raising and loving on my child while both mom and dad were on stage. During the run of the show my husband and I had a team of people scheduled to watch the baby Tuesday through Sunday like clockwork. This includes parents, friends and in-laws.They gave up their free time, their food, and their gas to watch our little girl. So many times we were running late and they met us to pick her up in odd locations. We are forever grateful. 
Also, thank you to the people that offered to watch the baby (and there were a lot). Even though we didn't take you up on the offer just knowing we had options made it easier to breathe.

Atlanta Theater Moms: to all of them that let me know I absolutely could work and be a mom, I thank you. For all of you that told me stories of babies in rehearsals, the inability to memorize lines post-partum, and just by your presence on stage 5 months pregnant, it gave me comfort and hope. No we are not some cliquish group meeting in coffee shops and trading secrets on breastfeeding and audition techniques we are just moms in the same business. A business often characterized by isolation and pettiness. I'm grateful I live among women who are seeking community over competition. 

Aurora Staff: the box office manager left her home and her baby drove to the theater and brought us her baby carrier when we left ours at home, she also watched our daughter in her office. Our stage manager and assistant stage manager were beyond calm, patient and accommodating. I appreciate them all for treating us like what we were, a family. 

Choreographer: Waverly Lucas is the founder of Ballethnic Dance Company and choreographed for Memphis. I didn't have much dancing in this show but he was always so supportive and encouraging. He and his beautiful wife came to see so many shows and they were a barometer of how the show was growing and progressing and that means a lot to hear that from someone that's been there from day one. 
This is not the theater I performed in. I have no idea who those people are. This is a stock photo.

Patrons: if you got off your couch and came to see the show, if you paid your money, used your gas, and sat through 2+ hours of dancing and singing I thank you. Friends, family, acquaintences and unknowns. If you supported live theater I thank you. You are not only supporting an art form, but you are supporting actors, designers, musicians, etc. in their way of life. 
I'm sure I've probably forgotten someone again and that is the danger in doing this. Just know if you have slipped my mind you are definitely in my heart. Thank you everyone!

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