Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Would Like to Thank....

I actually wrote this post last night but I didn't want to push the publish button without a little editing. I was off to see more beautiful Atlanta theater. WHAT? Mama went out last night, Yay!
So here it goes, my blog post for FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2015.


Monday night's Suzi Awards Ceremony was a blast, I'm still trying to process it all. And still, life
goes back to normal so quickly. Poopy diapers and a sink full of dishes were waiting for me on Tuesday and the laundry, well the laundry never ends. I can only look at pictures and glance over at my Suzi Award snug in its protective box and know that no matter what comes next in my career that today, simply being recognized and winning is enough.

I couldn't have won without the help of some really great people. I am so proud to win for this show, and I am bursting with greatness over all of the people that helped me get to where I am.

Who I actually thanked Monday night:

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  • God-HE has such a plan, and he really does. Who knew I'd be here. Not only had I had a baby but real talk, I was burnt out with the business. I had stalled, stagnated, failed to produce growth. At first the baby was a welcome distraction but if you are born to be an actor you never truly stop being an actor no matter how far from the stage or screen your path may take you. In 2014  I'm sitting on the couch nursing my baby and I just "happen" to catch the Suzi Awards on Public Broadcasting and I "happen" to catch Andy Meeks' acceptance speech for best lead Actor in a Musical. He won for his roll as Burt in Aurora Theatre's Mary Poppins, a roll that wasn't even on his radar because he was busy being a stay at home Dad to his kids and Ann-Carol Pence, director, musical director extrodinaiire calls him up and tells him to get back on stage, something in me leapt. It was the beginning of hope. I so wanted to stay home with my sweet little nursling but acting wasn't done with me yet, I didn't now that at the time, but God knew. 
  • Suzi Judges and voting panel - as my co-star Travis Smith said in his acceptance speech, the fact that these group of people go and see EVERYTHING blows my mind (of course he added a few expletives, lol!)

  • Atlanta Theater Community - specifically the Atlanta theater moms that weren't even in the freakin' show who would come and encourage me and tell me I could most definitely throw that baby on my back and go to work. I embrace this community and I am excited to know and work with more people in it. 

  • Ann Carol Pence and Tony Rodriguez - AC was the musical director of Memphis and they are both the Co-Artistic Producer and Producing Artistic Director of the Aurora Theatre. I quoted Viola Davis in her Emmy acceptance speech and said 'the only thing that sepearates actresses of color from everyone else is opportunities'. I forgot to add the second part. You can not with Emmy Awards (Suzi Bass Awards) for rolls that are simply not there. I thanked Ann Carol for believing in me and encouraging me and I thanked Tony for producing brave works. 

  • Tom Key - the Director of Memphis and Artistic Director of Theatrical Outift. I told him that his energy, his love, his sense of awe and wonder, would help me to STAY IN (a Tom-ism)for the rest of my life. 

  • My Cast - For watching my kid, for tolerating my kid, for being amazing with their support and encouragement. 
Click on the picture to go to his website. I know, I know shameless plug.

  • My Husband - I simply said I am, because you are. What more could I say, to even get started would have caused an avalanche of words and emotions. They didn't want me to stand up there all night. There is so much that went on behind the scenes that it deserves it's own post so I won't get started here. Let's just say it's not easy to work with a spouse let alone do a musical with one, but no matter what he supported me. 
Tomorrow I'll talk about all the people I FORGOT TO THANK. Sheesh!

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