Thursday, November 5, 2015

I Won! I Won!

Hockadoo! Monday night I won a Suzi Bass Award. WHAAAT? Still can't believe it, I never win anything....except for that one time, nevermind. Anywho, back to the Suzi's. If you don't know what The Suzi's are it's an awards ceremony that celebrates the best in Atlanta's professional theater scene and Monday night there was a lot to celebrate. Whoop, Whoop!  The Suzi Awards mission is: celebrate and promote Atlanta professional theatre through the evaluation and recognition of excellence. 

Our vision is of Atlanta as a vibrant home for numerous professional theatres that entertain extensive audiences with quality productions, provide a livelihood for a large and diverse family of theatre professionals and draw ever-growing attention and business to the greater Atlanta area. 

To say that I am part of this thriving, quirky, beautiful and vibrant theater family is inspiring. To be nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Musical among so many amazing performances this past theater season is humbling. To win, leaves me speechless...... actually no it doesn't, I have a lot to say. This win makes every tear of frustration, leaving my kid for days at a time, my ACHING feet because my show shoes hated me, my filthy house, my empty gas tank, and the hours upon freakin' hours spent in Atlanta traffic, worth it.

For the love of Pete somebody build a reliable transportation system up I-85 North.

My husband and I with the cast of Memphis performing Steal Your Rock and Roll at the awards ceremony.
Monday morning I spent hours searching for the perfect necklace (which I didn't wear) to go with my new ridiculously high platform shoes (that I almost busted in during the cast performance) and got my eyebrows unevenly threaded (because the lady was too busy talking).

By 5pm my darling 1 year old who has just recently learned how to scream....blood curdling, top of the roller coaster, ahhhh the zombies are coming, scream, is tearing through the house. I so needed my last few nerves to help calm the butterflies in my stomach so I barricaded myself in the bathroom and ate candy while I did my makeup. Don't judge Mama needed some peace.

By 5:45pm Grandad had arrived to take her AWAY! really I love my kid, but SHEESH!

By 7pm the Hubster and I were at the Porter Sanford Arts Center and 2.5 hours into the ceremony I was starving, I had a sinus headache and I was dehydrated. So when they got to the nominees for Best Lead Actress in a Musical and my name was called as the winner I think I was slightly delirious. I literally jumped up and down like a 5 year old on the stage in front of a room full of my peers...did I mention I didn't even bother to put those heinous 4-inch platforms back on? 

My sweet cast member Judith Franklin's Facebook collage.
My dressing roommate Megan Mcfarland won for Best Featured Actress in a Musical and I jumped up and down and screamed like a schoolgirl. My Co-star THE Travis Smith, wins for Best Lead Actor in a Musical and I hoop and holler like I'm on Arsenio Hall. But they call my name and my mouth goes dry....if a Black girl could go pale I would have. I was all like, what? hunh? where are my notecards? where are my shoes? Should I put my jacket back on? I've got to climb over 5 people to get to the aisle...ahhhh!

I get up there on stage, barefoot, with my chicken scratch notecards hastily scribbled in the off chance that I won and I tried to thank everyone I could think of....but of course you forget people, you forget to say things and that's what blogs are for. So tomorrow I'll share what I can remember of my acceptance speech and try and thank all the people I forgot to thank. I also left my cellphone in the car so there aren't more pictures...I'm really batting a 1000. Goodnight all!

Heinous platforms in my hand!

P.S. Still can't believe I won! #dreamsdocometrue

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